Plants That Boost Concentration And Productivity

If you work from home and notice a drop in creativity, learn about plants that boost concentration and improve productivity.

If you work from home and notice a drop in creativity, learn about plants that boost concentration and improve productivity.

Plants can help you!

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or sit in a cubicle, having a few plants next to you can make you feel motivated to work and boost your energy, maintaining it throughout the day. These are the top six benefits of having plants next to you while working:

Consider green in plants that boost concentration and productivity.

The green color is believed to relax your mind and soothe unwanted thoughts.

Air benefits

Plants purify the air before it reaches your lungs. If the plants have flowers, they will also emit a pleasant fragrance while you work.

Emotional Support

If you feel upset, a blossoming flower on your desk can bring brighter thoughts.


Plants rejuvenate your mind and soul and boost your creativity by bringing positive energies and eliminating negative energies. Some plants are so beautiful that you will feel refreshed and inspired the moment you look at them.


If you choose to grow edible herbs in your office, you can add them to your lunch or munch on them to replace your snacking habits.


Plants are like little friends when they are on your desk; you will feel the presence of living beings around you even if you work alone or at home.

Here are the top seven plants to consider placing on your desk:

1)      Basil (tulsi): Basil plant is the most famous plant in India and in some other Asian countries as well; it is said to be a holy plant with certain divine powers of purification. You can chew the leaves of this plant whenever you want to, as well.

2)      Money plant: The money doesn’t grow on this plant, but it can help you to bring in a lot of money through your work! Grow this plant for a few days inside your house and then place it outside to let the leaves spread out. Money plants look great even when they are grown in tiny pots.

3)      Bamboo plant: Indoor bamboo plants are available in some shops, if you want to have one for your desk. This plant not only acts as a cute little living friend next to you, but also provides you with a lot of luck and focus for your work.

4)      Coriander plant: You can grow this plant right inside your house or office. You may have to place it out for a few minutes under the sun because the plant needs sunlight for photosynthesis; however, you can bring your tiny friend back to your desk and eat the leaves whenever you want.

5)      Mint plant: Mint leaves can give you a boost when you feel down. Also, if you are a smoker, or just like to have fresh breath, you can grab a few leaves from the plant on your desk and freshen your mouth whenever you want to.

6)      Rose plant: You can buy small rose plants to place them on your desk; if you work from home, you can have a large rose plant in your living room so that the fragrance is always present in the air. This fragrance all around you will help to motivate and inspire you.

7)               Daisy flower plant: Daisy plants may seem large, but many people buy small daisy plants for their desks. Get one for yourself, and the tiny flowers will brighten your day.

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