How To Organize Your Filing Cabinet

Madrio Miks

How To Organize Your Filing Cabinet

Taking the time and effort to develop a systematic way of organizing your papers can result in a lot less stress and hassle in your life. Here are some tips to setup the filing system of your dreams and keep your desktop clear.

Start simple:

Centralize your documents. Find a file cabinet—make sure your space is large enough to accommodate all your current files, and be sure to allow room for future documents.

Separate different documents in different cabinets:

Organize your paperwork in a way that works for you. It’s your paperwork, so it’s important that you be able to find information quickly. You better Separate your documents in following way:

  • Personal papers
  • Tax returns
  • Deeds, titles, and surveys
  • Insurance policies
  • Household inventory
  • Instruction manuals and warranties
  • Hard drive backups
  • Paycheck stubs
  • Employee benefit statements and plans
  • Retirement statements and Credit card statements

Never put all your papers in one basket:

There is no tried-and-true method of organizing your information. If you don’t have any idea where to start, organize the information as outlined in this list, with folders (or groups of folders) matching each category. Then print out this article and put it with the master document so that you (and others) can always understand the basics behind the filing system.

Clean Up your Cabinet on weekly bases:

Here are some things you need to toss:

  • Pens that no longer work
  • Paper clips that are bent out of shape
  • Old magazines and Newspapers
  • Unused or broken office equipment, including old phones, computers, and printers/scanners (you can recycle many of these products)
  • Outdated documents

Organize your paperwork in a way that works for you. It’s your paperwork, so it’s important that you be able to find information quickly. You better Separate your documents in following way:

Fine-tune later:

At a later date, take a look at what’s in your files. Usually, you find that a file is either underused or bulging. If you find that you have only one or two things in a file folder, find or create a file that’s broader in scope. Alternatively, if you find that a folder is overflowing with contributions, create subcategories, either by topic or by dates.

Keep important papers where you know they’re safe:

For your security, get a filing cabinet with a lock and remember to use it. A good lock will help keep your most personal information and files out of the wrong hands, leaving you with peace of mind. Identity theft is a real problem in today’s world, and by taking preventative measures you can increase your identity’s safety.

I include copies of some of these documents in my safety deposit box, like the household inventory, notarized copies of the deeds, and so forth. Why? This protects against events such as tornadoes that can go beyond the destructive force of a fire.

10 things you need in your office for a calmer work environment

An office is a place which is full of busy life but if managed properly, it can turn into a paradise for oneself. Most of us see office as a hectic place which drains all our energy all day long. However if you will follow the list of following things at your office, your views regarding the office will change real quickly. These 10 things are as follows:

It is always good to clean the place in which you work. This will not only help you in getting better at work but it will also help to calm you down in all the cases by looking at a pleasant view around your work space.

While walking around in a office, it is always advisable to hang a picture which leaves a relaxing impact on your mind. This image could of any car, nature or any other thing. But it must achieve your attraction every time you walk beside it.

Perform noise pollution of your office. This will reduce the stress level to half. This will also have an enormous impact on keeping the office environment calm. If you will be free of external stresses, only them you will be able to think clearly and carry out your duties.

Nature imposes a relaxing environment on our personality. That is why many of the people go to parks in morning for a walk. So buy a small plant which you can water with spray bottle and keep it in your window in order to get more peace at work.

The colors that you see while you think or work has a great effect on our personality. So make sure that you select some good and attractive colors of office walls if ever provided with such opportunity. This will add much to your calm environment of office.

Always leave early for your office in order to get a head start. Such a lead is a necessary thing in office in order to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This will make the office atmosphere a really energetic and calm one.

This is the most important thing that most of us forget to do at office. So take short breaks during your work and stretch. Stretching will ease up and release all the accumulated tension and hence the office environment will become a calm one for you.

Always place a calendar and clock on your desk so that you can plan before the start of your office day. List out all the tasks of the day, write those down and then coordinate with your time table to adjust these in such a way that suits you the best. This will also turn a hectic office routine into a calm one.

The need to remain social is very important, especially when you absorbed in enormous burden of work. So take a break, leave your chair and go chat with your colleagues. This will ease up all of your tensions and make your office environment a good and calm one.

You want a relaxing and trouble free office? Earn other people’s acknowledgement and respect by treating them with respect and giving attention to their talks. This will make office a much calm and better place to work at.

How tо оrgаnіzе уоur dеѕk fоr рrоduсtіvіtу

While many of us take great care in organizing our homes, our offices rarely reach the same level of cleanliness. Despite its small space, a dеѕk саn easily become a mеѕѕ. If you dоn’t keep important items easily accessible in your office, уоu аrе wasting рrесіоuѕ working time on реttу tаѕkѕ. This is why оffісе organization іѕ ѕо іmроrtаnt for productivity.
Dеѕk оrgаnіzаtіоn is nоt rосkеt ѕсіеnсе. Most likely, you will only need to mаkе ѕоmе vеrу basic аdjuѕtmеntѕ to improve your work space. Thе foremost component of dеѕk оrgаnіzаtіоn is keeping things сlеаn. The obvious first step is to get rid of аll the junk. Yоur dеѕk ѕhоuld not contain unnecessary mаtеrіаlѕ.
Most people need free ѕрасе in order tо wоrk calmly. Hаvіng аll ѕоrtѕ of unnecessary fіlеѕ hеареd uр whеrе уоu аrе ѕuрроѕеd tо wоrk can be very irritating and distracting. If you won’t need it in the future, thе оnlу рlасе it should be is the trаѕh bin. Sо whаt are the things you ѕhоuld keep around уоur dеѕk?
Uѕuаllу, there are certain files that уоu will need to use repeatedly throughout the work day. These, and оnlу thеѕе, should bе nеаr your dеѕk. Find a ѕhеlf оr a ѕераrаtе ѕесtіоn іn your сubісlе tо ѕtоrе any other files аwау. Kеер a separate storage place, such as a box or folder, for nеw documents thаt you receive.
Thіngѕ that you brіng tо thе оffісе dаіlу require space аѕ wеll. It is important that уоu assign storage fоr your wallet, mobile phone, and other personal items during the dау. Kеер thеm ѕоmеwhеrе whеrе thеу will nоt hіndеr уоur wоrkstation.
Yоu ѕhоuld bе confident аbоut where ѕоmеthіng іѕ kерt аѕ well аѕ how іt has been ѕtоrеd. Everything in your оffісе should have a раrtісulаr рlасе. Avoid misplacing аnу аrtісlе by keeping it in its assigned location.
Long оffісе hours can take a tоll оn thе employee. Make ѕurе уоu аrе соmfоrtаblе wіth thе аrrаngеmеnt of your office. However, keep in mind individual wоrkіng hаbіtѕ while оrgаnіzіng. Find a system that works for you, and if you share an office space with others, consider their needs as well.
Sometimes a ѕіmрlе change саn make a drаѕtіс dіffеrеnсе іn hоw уоu fееl аbоut entering your wоrk zоnе and hоw рrоduсtіvе уоu are wіth thе time уоu ѕреnd in that ѕрасе. Bе willing to experiment with dіffеrеnt arrangements. Aftеr аll, it іѕ уоur area. It should bе adjusted to suit your nееdѕ. Thе рауоut іѕ іnсrеаѕеd еffісіеnсу, which is good fоr еvеrуоnе’ѕ bottom lіnе.

Plants That Boost Concentration And Productivity

Do you work from home? Do you sit in a cubicle at work all day? Do you get tired by the end of the day? Have you recently experienced a drop in your creativity? Do you want to improve your environment in a way that will boost your concentration and improve your productivity?

Plants can help you!
It doesn’t matter if you work from home or sit in a cubicle, having a few plants next to you can make you feel motivated to work and boost your energy, maintaining it throughout the day. These are the top six benefits of having plants next to you while working:

  • Plants are green; the green color is believed to relax your mind and soothe unwanted thoughts.
  • Plants purify the air before it reaches your lungs. If the plants have flowers, they will also emit a pleasant fragrance while you work.
  • If you feel upset, a blossoming flower on your desk can bring brighter thoughts.
  • Plants rejuvenate your mind and soul and boost your creativity by bringing positive energies and eliminating negative energies. Some plants are so beautiful that you will feel refreshed and inspired the moment you look at them.
  • If you choose to grow edible herbs in your office, you can add them to your lunch or munch on them to replace your snacking habits.
  • Plants are like your best friends when they are on your desk; you will feel the presence of living beings around you even if you work alone or at home.

Here are the top seven plants that deserve a place on your desk:

  • Basil (tulsi): Basil plant is the most famous plant in India and in some other Asian countries as well; it is said to be a holy plant with certain divine powers of purification. You can chew the leaves of this plant whenever you want to, as well.
  • Money plant: The money doesn’t grow on this plant, but it can help you to bring in a lot of money through your work! Grow this plant for a few days inside your house and then place it outside to let the leaves spread out. Money plants look great even when they are grown in tiny pots.
  • Bamboo plant: Indoor bamboo plants are available in some shops, if you want to have one for your desk. This plant not only acts as a cute little living friend next to you, but also provides you with a lot of luck and focus for your work.
  • Coriander plant: You can grow this plant right inside your house or office. You may have to place it out for a few minutes under the sun because the plant needs sunlight for photosynthesis; however, you can bring your tiny friend back to your desk and eat the leaves whenever you want.
  • Mint plant: Mint leaves can give you a boost when you feel down. Also, if you are a smoker, or just like to have fresh breath, you can grab a few leaves from the plant on your desk and freshen your mouth whenever you want to.
  • Rose plant: You can buy small rose plants to place them on your desk; if you work from home, you can have a large rose plant in your living room so that the fragrance is always present in the air. This fragrance all around you will help to motivate and inspire you.
  • Daisy flower plant: Daisy plants may seem large, but many people buy small daisy plants for their desks. Get one for yourself, and the tiny flowers will brighten your day.

5 Examples of Architecture to Inspire Your Office Style

Of humanity’s many amazing feats, one particular line of work sets itself apart. The field of architecture is one of eye-opening brilliance. Great efforts are put into architects’ work in order to achieve such monumental feats. Let’s take a look at some architectural examples that may inspire you when designing an office space for success.
One of the earliest styles was the log cabin. Originally, in the 1600s, they were built with only one room, but over time architecture has changed and improved. The wood used would depend upon the climate of the area surrounding the building. Consider this style as inspiration to adapt to your environment; for example, incorporating local wood or stone can add charm and sophistication to your office décor.
Next are Cape Cod houses, similar to British thatched cottages, but also improved over time by architects to ensure better living. This is a classic American style, and can give your office a nostalgic, homey feel.
Craftsman houses are built with natural materials, such as stones, bricks, and wood. This style has a lowered roof above the front door. An office inspired by the craftsman house would emphasize simplicity, clean lines, and natural materials.
Then there are Greek Revival and Italianate buildings, which are more ornate and are amazing from the outside as well as the inside. These styles could be incorporated into an office space to create an impression of elegance and grandeur.
These are some of the unique architectural designs that have made imprints on history. However, there are lots of other designs that have set themselves apart throughout history. It is impossible to select only five of the best.

Hopefully the beauty of architecture can inspire you to be intentional and creative in your office designs. Architects see form and function in tandem, creating a work of beauty that also fulfills a practical purpose. Even if you are not constructing a building, try thinking of your space in this way and see what you can create.

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